Cable Roller Device
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Cable Roller Device

ONEREEL® is a leader in Cable Roller Device manufacturers and suppliers in China. Power and communication cables are usually laid in open trenches. Road and ground conditions almost always have to be considered, which often results in cable routes with a lot of curves. Along with its own weight and the high tension involved, extreme stress can occur when the cable does not feed cleanly. For this reason, ONEREEL® Cable Roller Device is often prescribed to use suitable equipment to guide the cables correctly. For this application area, ONEREEL® offers suitable ground cable rollers and protection systems. ONEREEL's Cable Roller Device and angle cable rollers feature particularly hard-wearing aluminum alloy rollers. They run maintenance-free on dust and dust-proof bearings. The sturdy steel frame is fully galvanized and guarantees a long working life even in extreme conditions.

Model:CLY 682 608/2C

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Product Description

ONEREEL® Cable Roller Device designed to provide an even pull at the corner of the manhole allowing the roller to swivel in the direction of the pull. Unit swivels to the direction of the pull. The unit has a galvanized steel roller which tapers from 80 to 160mm and has a width of 75mm. Rope for securing the edges and corners of manholes. The unit rotates in the direction of pull. Aluminum rollers in galvanized frame.

ONEREEL® Cable Roller Device Parameter (Specification) 

Part No.

Duct Diameter


CLY 682 608/2C



CLY 682 608/3C



CLY 682 608/4C



CLY 682 608/5C



CLY 682 608/6C



ONEREEL® Cable Roller Device Feature and Application
ONEREEL corner cable rollers are made of three wear-resistant steel alloy rollers, ball bearings are dust- and dirt-resistant, and the clutch system has fastening pins to connect two or more elements for ideal cable guidance. 
1. Equipped with 4 rollers for extra guidance and protection.
2. Protect cables and conduit openings.
3. Maintenance-free, bearing.
4. High quality galvanized finish.

ONEREEL® Cable Roller Device Details
A heavy duty lead-in roller designed with a Cable Roller Device to guide the cable out of the storage reel. Ideal for use during electrical, telecommunication and cable TV installations, the corner rolls are extremely durable, made entirely of steel and coated with a high-quality bright zinc coating. The rollers can be pinned together and are fitted with maintenance-free bearings for a total weight of 5.5kg.


What is your products standardization?
our products strictly comply with ISO9001 and CE standards.

Can you design cable roller according to our size?
Yes, we have a professional team of engineers who can complete the manufacture of the cable roller you provide.

How many years have your company made this kind of cable roller?
we have been making cable roller more than 20 years.

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
we are a manufacturer of cable roller technology and design.

How long is your delivery time?
we will deliver the order as soon as we receive it.

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