What products and equipment are cable reels mainly used for?


The wire reel, also known as the retractable power line reel, is mainly used to facilitate the storage of electrical appliances, which takes up little space and does not wind the wires. The coil reel for automatic winding in the prior art usually adopts spring spring type automatic winding. The power line at the output end of the coil reel has a retractable function, and is equipped with a self-locking device and automatic wire laying function.

First of all, the power cord reel works like this: when it is received at ordinary times, it can be pulled to the desired length when needed; However, it should be noted that most of the power cord reels on the market are "unidirectional", that is, one end is stretched to realize the function of outgoing and take-up, and the other end is a fixed end to connect electrical appliances; The other is a "two-way stretching" type. It is a finished telescopic power cord. Both ends need to be stretched together. If only one end is pulled, it will not be smooth, not easy to store, and easy to break.

Secondly, the automatic telescopic power cord reel device is convenient, compact, neat and free from winding, flexible, smooth and efficient, which is very suitable for use in household appliances, medical devices, beauty care, industrial instruments and many other fields, such as vacuum cleaners, rice cookers, ironing machines, foot baths, hair dryers, medical beds and so on.

Conclusion: This is an introduction to the wire reel. I hope this knowledge can help you.