Design Elements of Plastic Cable Spool


The coordination of production and processing of wire reel shall be scientific, rigorous and meticulous, and the workers shall implement it meticulously according to the requirements of the production process. Any difficulty in any link will harm the smoothness of the production process. The production process flow and mechanical equipment of coil production and processing shall be reasonably arranged. All kinds of mechanical equipment in the production line shall be reasonably treated according to the production process flow required by the product as far as possible to ensure the production and processing at each stage.

Structure to be fully considered in coil design:

1. Plastic shrinkage and various factors that damage the product model, such as mold manufacturing and installation errors, mold damage, etc. In addition, the matching of the manufacturing process and basic structural parameters of the molding machine should also be fully considered when designing the die shell and cable reel.

2. Anatomical surface, that is, the contact surface between the die and the die seat when the die is closed. The selection of its location and method is damaged by such factors as the commodity appearance and appearance, molding method, post-processing technology, mold type and structure, demolding method and molding organization.

3. Mold degree, i.e. card avoidance, positioning, spring piece, etc. The system is related to commodity molds and service life. According to different stamping molds, different positioning methods are selected. Control depends on production and manufacturing. The positioning of hollow floor is mainly to be fully considered.

4. The concrete pouring system is the feeding channel from the plastic machine nozzle to the middle of the mold cavity, including the fashionable road, the rubber inlet and the cold material cavity.