DIN560-Cable-Roller-Drum-For-Sale made in China can be provided you with right price. Our factory is called Ningbo Onereel Machine Co., Ltd. That is one of the influential leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have our own brands and we also passed certification. If you want to buy fashion and newest DIN560-Cable-Roller-Drum-For-Sale, please contact us immediately. For more information, contact us to get price list.
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Double Plate Metal Spool

Double Plate Metal Spool

ONEREEL® is the top Double Plate Metal Spool manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been deeply involved in the reel industry for many years. When you need the strength and durability of a drum cable roller, ONEREEL has the product for you. Whether you need a tubular reel for lightweight shipping of pipe or conduit, a custom-designed process reel for take-up and take-off solutions in heavy-duty processing industries, or a double layer drum cable roller reusable design for wire and cable applications, our line of steel reels is tailored to satisfy your unique needs.

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