100m LED Dimmable Lights Reel

100m LED Dimmable Lights Reel

ONEREEL® 7 inch LED light strip reel focuses on the production of LED light strip reels. The LED light strip reels they design and manufacture feature a reel structure, making installation, storage and maintenance easier. Not only are these reels flexible enough to fit into different shapes of spaces, they also eliminate the need for tangled light strips during storage and transportation. ONEREEL's LED strip light reel design saves space, facilitates maintenance, and provides an effective solution for a variety of lighting and decorative applications.


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Product Description

100m LED Dimmable Lights Reel

ONEREEL® 7 inch LED light strip reel easier to maintain.

Avoid tangles: The LED strip light reel design helps prevent the light strips from getting tangled together during storage or transportation. This helps keep the light strip tidy and reduces the risk of damage.

Space Saving: Since the LED strip light reel can be rolled up efficiently, space can be better utilized. This is useful for applications where space is limited.

ONEREEL® 7 inch LED light strip reel  Parameter (Specification)

Diameter 5inch-15inch/customezied
width 80mm-24mm
Color Black/White/customized
Material PS
Certificate RoHS
Type common/Anti-static
customize support

ONEREEL®  7 inch LED light strip reel Feature and Application

1.Easy to install: LED strip light reels are usually designed in a reel shape, making them easy to install. Users can easily pull the LED strip out of the tray and install it where needed.

2.Flexibility: Since the LED light strip reel is in the form of roll-up and unwind, it has great flexibility. This allows the LED strips to fit into spaces of different shapes and sizes, making them easier to customize and adjust.

3.Convenient storage: The reel structure allows the LED light strip to be rolled up compactly for easy storage and portability. This is beneficial for transportation, storage and maintenance.

ONEREEL® 7 inch LED light strip reel Details

When replacement or repair is needed, users can easily access the light strip without having to disassemble the complex mounting structure.

In general, the characteristics of LED light strip reels are mainly reflected in convenient installation, flexibility, convenient storage, avoidance of entanglement, space saving and easy maintenance. These features make LED light strip reels widely applicable in a variety of lighting and decorative applications.

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