Cast Iron Hose Reel
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Cast Iron Hose Reel

ONEREEL® represents the highest level of China Cast Iron Hose Reel manufacturers and suppliers. Cast Iron Hose Reel passed the ISO9001 quality standard certification system and is made of high -quality carbon steel through forging technology. Galvanized treatment on the surface, which has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature. Even if it is outdoors for a long time, it will not corrode and rust.


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Product Description

ONEREEL® Cast Iron Hose Reel is made of high-strength steel by forging. The assembly of Cast Iron Hose Reel is very simple and convenient. The DIY process brings the sense of accomplishment of slowly to customers. During the assembly process, you can easily complete the assembly of the entire product. We can provide teaching videos, simple and easy to get started. The prominent feature of Cast Iron Hose Reel is flexible, convenient and efficient. The product is the best destination for your hose. It can organize the hose beautifully, clean, and does not take up space. 

ONEREEL® Cast Iron Hose Reel Parameter (Specification) 

FOB Port


Weight per Unit

14 Kilograms



Barrel diameter L/W/H

500 x 380 x 110(mm)

Lead Time

15–30 days


Blackgreen or customized



ONEREEL® Cast Iron Hose Reel Feature and Application
ONEREEL® Cast Iron Hose Reel is mainly used in hose, which is a kind of Main features:
1. Portable easy assembly.
2. One -year product warranty.
3. Galvanized high -strength steel, strong and durable corrosion.
4. Gift hose and copper joint.

ONEREEL® Cast Iron Hose Reel Details
Cast Iron Hose Reel is generally installed outdoors, and independent settings should be performed, which will not affect other configurations when used. Can guarantee safety. Finally, pay attention to the model of the hose rolling plate. Different models of the soft disk have their own rated work pressure. It is not safe to not match the model.
Since it is a hose, you can directly disk, and the water in the tube will be pressed out with the plate. First, start with a circle from the hose, follow this circle, and turn the tube into a circle. One hand holding one end of the soft water pipe, and the other hand can be held with a soft water pipe like a wiring.


What is your products standardization?
our products strictly comply with ISO9001 and CE standards.

Can you can design the spool according to our size?
Yes, we have a professional team of engineers who can complete the manufacture of the spool you provid.

How many years have your company made this kind of spool?
we have been making spools more than 20 years.

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
we are a manufacturer of spool technology and design.

How long is your delivery time?
we will deliver the order as soon as we receive it.

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