DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin
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DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin

ONEREEL® is the top DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin manufacturer and supplier in China. We have been deeply involved in the reel industry for many years. Whether you need a tubular reel for lightweight shipping of pipe or conduit, a custom-designed process reel for take-up and take-off solutions in heavy-duty processing industries, or a double layer spool reusable design for wire and cable applications, our line of steel reels is tailored to satisfy your unique needs.


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Product Description

This ONEREEL® DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin is a high-quality product.

ONEREEL DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin mainly used for winding electrical cable, copper wire, filament, or rope. We can advise suitable spool size for you according to your cable OD and meter. We can provide professional suggestions and price reasonable, saving your cost.


ONEREEL® DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin Parameter (Specification)


flange OD 



barrel OD



traverse width 



total height 



center hole diameter



flange thickness






loading 10~15kg ,special size custom-made


ONEREEL DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin Feature and Application

It is suitable for copper wire, tin-plated (silver) wire, alloy wire, stainless steel wire, welding wire and other metal wires.


ONEREEL DIN200 Plastic PP Wire Bobbin Details

PC large-aperture combination products: mainly suitable for the take-up and pay-out reels of high-speed wire drawing and stranding equipment in Europe and the United States, can replace steel reels, and have the advantages of light weight, low cost, and easy operation.


Japanese-style products: Widely used in Japan, Taiwan and other regions for the retraction and release of various equipment, more than the production and delivery of metal wires and electronic wires.


Flat wire reel: suitable for copper flat wire for communication, photovoltaic ribbon, iron nail flat wire and other metal and non-metal wire reels, and reels for turnover delivery.


Weaving machine category products: for all kinds of braiding machine spools, the main material is PA66 synthetic material, with high strength and wear resistance.


Special ultra-fine type products: mainly used for winding and unwinding, stranded wires, etc. of various ultra-fine wires. When producing wires of about 0.016, the jump and swing of the wire reel should not even exceed 0.05mm, and the speed should be 6000 rpm. 


What is your products standardization?
our products strictly comply with ISO9001 and CE standards

Can you can design the spool according to our size?
Yes, we have a professional team of engineers who can complete the manufacture of the spool you provid

How many years have your company made this kind of spool?
we have been making spools more than 20 years

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
we are a manufacturer of spool technology and design

How long is your delivery time?
we will deliver the order as soon as we receive it

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