What Are the Material Characteristics of the cable spool?


What are the material characteristics of cable spool? Cable spool is a tool used to wind metal wire or wire rope. The specifications and materials of cable spool are different according to the different materials and specifications of the twisted rope. Steel plate structure is generally used for cable spool wound with steel wire, but wooden cable spool can be used for winding fine steel wire and non-ferrous metal wire. The use of plastic cable spool is increasing.

Steel cable spool: It is formed by reinforced thick plate welding, including NTC, YA-40, etc. It has high strength, high rigidity, and good stability of high-speed operation reeling and paying off line after machining dynamic balance inspection.

Plastic cable spool: It is molded with special engineering plastics for plastic cable reel. The product has high precision, advanced structure, and strengthened side plate ribs. It has the characteristics of good balance performance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, and the balance precision can reach above 6.3.

The overall structure is a combination of plastic and metal to ensure the requirements of the shaft hole and the conductivity. The parts of the product can be removed and replaced, and the maintenance is convenient. Generally, according to the requirements of the customer's equipment, I-shaped wheels with different strength and accuracy can be made. The disadvantage is that the retraction and payout lines are meters long, which will cause flange deformation due to large capacity.