Winding Yarn Bobbin
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Winding Yarn Bobbin

ONEREEL® is the top Winding Yarn Bobbin supply a broad spectrum of TFO Bobbin. ONEREEL have specialized in the production of Plastic/Polymers mold and Tool making for the Textile & associated industries for over 35 years. The development in winding technology, Yarn package formation and the Yarn Dyeing equipment have led to greater utilization and productivity and at the same time improved the quality of the yarns and their running properties.

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Product Description

This ONEREEL® Winding Yarn Bobbin is a high-quality product.

ONEREEL Winding Yarn Bobbin is made of High-grade ABS. ABS (Acrylonitrile has good strength, thermal stability and chemical stability; butadiene has toughness, high finish and high strength).

Density: 1.05g/cm3 Identification method: burning (slow), burning process (soft burning, no dripping, yellow, black smoke), after leaving the fire (continue burning), smell (special smell).

It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, heat resistance and impact resistance.

ONEREEL® Winding Yarn Bobbin Parameter (Specification)

Serial Number

Specification Model

Lateral Plate Diameter D1

Major Diameter D2

Internal Width L2











ONEREEL Winding Yarn Bobbin Feature and Application

Spare parts & accessories suitable for:

Yarn & Fiber Dyeing Plants

HTHP Beam Dyeing Plants

HTHP Jet Back Dyeing Plants

Normal Temp. Jet Dyeing Plants

HTHP Duper High Speed Jet Dyeing Plant

Soft Flow Roto Stream Jet Dyeing Plants

ONEREEL Winding Yarn Bobbin Details

Product name: Winding Yarn Bobbin

Weight: 330-358g

Material: ABS

According to different applications in various fields of textile, plastic bobbins are generally divided into: warp bobbins, conical bobbins (pagoda tubes), cylindrical bobbins (parallel tubes), thick bobbins, wool spinning tubes, weft bobbins, dyeing tubes, with side pipes, etc. Classification by application Aluminum alloy series bobbins GD series bobbins Shaped plastic alloy series bobbins KO series bobbins imported equipment series bobbins.


What is your products standardization?
our products strictly comply with ISO9001 and CE standards

Can you can design the spool according to our size?
Yes, we have a professional team of engineers who can complete the manufacture of the spool you provid

How many years have your company made this kind of spool?
we have been making spools for ten years

Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?
we are a manufacturer of spool technology and design

How long is your delivery time?
we will deliver the order as soon as we receive it

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